Services and Programs

Persons needing assistance may come to either HEARTS location and fill out a HEARTS application, which is required for all HEARTS services. Upon receiving the completed HEARTS application and other required documents, a HEARTS volunteer will then assess the client’s needs and take action accordingly.

HEARTS Eligibility Criteria for Services

  • Clients must be residents of Cleburne County, Alabama or considered to be in residence transition.
  • Clients shall be individuals or families who have an immediate financial emergency or who are residing without the necessities of daily living.
  • Clients must be able to provide proof of identity such as driver’s license, pictured ID or other approved document such as social security card, birth certificate, school record.

**HEARTS charges no fees for services. Every client will receive information about HEARTS and may voluntarily wish to give back to the organization through donation of time, service, or other means of contribution.

As funds and resources permit, we provide assistance with the following services that are available at either location:

  • Individual intake and assessment of need
  • Case Management and follow up services
  • Counseling Support
  • Employment Assistance
  • Food and Paper Pantries
  • Colton Lee White Memorial Stork Program for New Moms
  • Clothing and shoes, even prom dresses
  • Sports Closest located at Ranburne location (uniforms, shoes, sports equipment for youth)
  • Educational information
  • Nutrition/Budgeting and other instructional personal development classes
  • School supplies, workbooks and fees
  • Coats, blankets, heaters, fans
  • Backpack Buddies Weekend Food Program for eligible school children
  • Thanksgiving Food Boxes
  • Christmas Clearinghouse for eligible children under age 16
  • Donations of home furnishings, furniture and appliances
  • Special purchases (formula, medical supplies, etc.)
  • Emergency financial assistance with:
    • Doctor visits
    • Dental visits
    • Catastrophic medical help
    • Utilities
    • Rent/Mortgage
    • Prescriptions
    • Transportation
    • Food vouchers
  • Disaster Services/Recovery Resources

The Community Action Agency (CAA) is housed within HEARTS House assisting with LIHEAP (Low Income Heating and Cooling Assistance Program) during Winter and Summer seasons.  CAA also handles the Weatherization Program that helps eligible homeowners with making their homes more energy efficient. Contact Leslie Clark at (256) 463-3104 for assistance.

HEARTS serves as a local office for disaster resources for the American Red Cross (256) 236-0391  and for Project SHARE assistance (256) 236-7416.

HEARTS recycles cellphones and used ink cartridges for refunds through Shelter Alliance and Empties 4 Cash as a fundraising measure. People can drop off at either HEARTS locations.
HEARTS Thrift Shop is available only at the Ranburne location and is open weekdays and on Saturday to the general public. Eligible customers with a current HEARTS application may obtain a voucher and shop free.

HEARTS accepts tax-deductible donations of new and gently used clothing, accessories, home furnishings, books, collectibles and more. All proceeds from Thrift Shop go toward funding HEARTS charitable and educational programs.


^HEARTS Thrift Shop^

HEARTS receives funding from the following sources:

United Way
The Thrift Shop
Miscellaneous Giving

We are so appreciative of our donors!

HEARTS Printable Brochure

HEARTS Brochure